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AJ Student Prize 2022: University of Kent

About Kent School of Architecture and Planning

Location Canterbury Course BA (Hons) Architecture, MARs Principal Gerald Adler Full time tutors 18 Part-time tutors 26 Students 480 Staff/student ratio 1:12

First cycle

Ian Angeles Canlas

Course BA (Hons) Architecture
Brief studio/unit ARCH5180 Architectural Design
Project title Food for tomorrow

Project description This proposal seeks to address the stigma of shame and embarrassment in food banks. Stigma prevents people from getting the help they need and so the design aims to emphasize openness and social engagement and create an inviting space through form and function to allow users of the food bank to interact with the design. Situated within the existing concrete Royal Harbor car park on Leopold Street in Ramsgate, the project uses wood in many forms and features a series of public and semi-public open spaces on all levels of the building. It also creates a new landmark and landing point for people arriving by sea.

Guardian Quote Ian approached this subject with great care, working hard to understand the issues, and the project reflects the open-ended nature of this research, setting a program of cultural and social activities alongside games and spaces for food production . Chloe Young


Christopher Mahoney

Course March
Brief studio/unit Chatham Intra: A Framed Tale (Unit 1)
Project title New Lions Brewery

Project description This is an olfaction-focused brewery master plan centered on the heritage of brewing at Chatham Intra. A rich bouquet of scents develops an orientation strategy while provoking and questioning memory. Chatham Intra’s relaunched Host Brewery is creating an umbrella for independent craft micro-brewers. Heritage and low-carbon merit-based adaptive reuse are here at the forefront of constructing an ethic to establish time distortions that could also hint at blood chemistry and the implications of over-absorption . Brewing process inefficiencies and by-products are carefully exploited to mitigate carbon waste.

Guardian Quote This project revives a heritage industry and engages with legacy architecture, infusing low-carbon design with technology that works with the brewing process to condition the building environment. Michael Richards, Chloe Street Tarbatt, Faye Tamsett and Ben Godber