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CAMX 2022 Exhibit Preview: Kent Pultrusion

Photo credit: Kent Pultrusion LLC

Kent Pultrusion LLC (Kent, Ohio, USA) – a division of MNM Mfg. Inc. (Compton, CA, USA) – designs and builds the fully electric Kent ServoPul Machine Technology, with over 25 installations over the past few years. Kent says the ServoPul stands out from other pultrusion machines because all hydraulics have been eliminated, replaced by servo technology. ServoPul is often used in industries such as construction, transportation and utilities in North America and Europe.

ServoPul technology includes a human-machine interface (HMI) where pulling forces can be monitored, pulling speed can be controlled with ease and precision, and clamping forces and position can be monitored and controlled. Limited data tracking is available through the HMI, although more extensive tracking is available as an add-on. Using the technology’s servo control, Kent says the transfer from one extraction sled to the next is smooth and reduces the chance of ‘rollback’, improving product consistency and cosmetics. The elimination of the snap-back is also said to reduce shock to the entire system and subsequent wear of mechanical parts. Remote monitoring and control of the system for maintenance and troubleshooting is possible with the addition of an eWon industrial router.

Kent claims that all lines are custom designed and built to customer requirements, meeting particular product needs as well as specific software and automation requests.

ServoPul technology offers a line cutting solution tailored to the particular application for which it was assembled, with cross-cutting and up-cutting line cutting systems for single and multiple lines with the ability to make cuts angles as needed. Kent also offers a winch system for starting the supply of new products.

A full turnkey manufacturing facility and ongoing expansion is expected to be completed by Q4 2022 to double the assembly capacity of the company’s Ohio plant.