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Grimes County man charged in April 2021 mass shooting at Kent Moore labs tells trial judge he ‘never gave consent to be detained’ – Reuters

Screenshot of a Brazos County District Court document.

The Grimes County man charged with the April 2021 mass shooting at the Kent Moore Closets in Bryan and shooting a DPS soldier near Iola has released a nine-page statement of innocence.

Larry Bollin’s letter demands that the trial judge dismiss the murder charge and that he “never consented to be detained” in jail.

Bollin also wrote that he “rightly defended himself with a reasonable belief that my life was in immediate danger and imminent peril”.

The document was filed about three months after a motion was granted for Bollin to undergo a psychological examination. Bollin objected to the review, writing to the judge that he “had no right to wrongfully arrest or imprison me and fine me or force me to undergo a psychological evaluation. “.

Two weeks after the letter was filed in Brazos County District Court, Bollin’s mother told county commissioners that her son fired three attorneys because “they were all corrupt.”

Larry Bollin’s letter states: “All members of your bar who take the oath are traitors and are subservient to the British crown and show no allegiance to the Americans.”

Larry Bollin makes several references in the letter to being represented by his father.

Bollin remains being held in lieu of bonds on Brazos and Grimes counties charges totaling $5.2 million.

Click HERE to read and download the letter written by Larry Bollin and filed in Brazos County District Court.