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Kent City Council approves $4.1 million bid for 76th Avenue South

By Sarah Brusig

The Kent City Council meeting on Tuesday August 2, 2022 opened at around 5pm with an abbreviated agenda due to national night. In attendance were Kent Mayor Dana Ralph, Kent City Council Speaker Bill Boyce and Council Members Brenda Fincher, Satwinder Kaur, Marli Larimer, Zandria Michaud and Council Member Les Thomas and Council Member Toni Troutner.

The minutes of the Kent Town Council meeting of July 19, 2022 were approved unanimously with no changes.

Public Communications
Kent City Council has recognized the employee of the month for August 2022 as Maryanne Edie. “If you need anything from her, she’s always so responsive…you can always count on Maryanne to get things done,” Mayor Ralph read from the comments.

Mayor Ralph also honored Councilor Kaur for completing the Advanced Certificate in Municipal Leadership course. She received the certificate in person at the Kent City Council meeting on August 2, 2022. “Well deserved,” council member Boyce said as he clapped.

Board members Boyce and Fincher posted updates on local events, including the return of the Seattle Thunderbirds in October 2022 after a warm season and “entertainment and games” at nearby local parks throughout the weekend. “Free backpacks for kids with school supplies,” council member Fincher explained.

Mayor Ralph’s Report
“My report tonight is that it’s National Night Out and we can’t wait to get out there and meet some neighbors and see the kind of things happening in the city,” Mayor Ralph said. “I can’t wait to see everyone tonight.”

Director General’s report
Acting Chief Executive Pat Fitzpatrick made a cursory reference to the CAO report on Kent City Council’s agenda and had no further updates.

The other coincil members waived their updates in order to expedite the reunion to get to the National Night Out festivities in the city.

There was one offer on the agenda for the Kent City Council meeting on August 2, 2022 and that was the 76th Avenue South – North Segment – ​​Prices. The project includes raising 76th Avenue South above FEMA flood elevation, constructing a three-lane concrete roadway, installing curbs, gutters, sidewalks, d storm surge system, water system, lighting, planters and various driveway upgrades.

Bid opening for the 76th Avenue South – North segment project took place on July 19, 2022 with four bids received. The lowest responsible and responsive bid was submitted by SCI Infrastructure, LLC in the amount of $4,165,504.10.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $5.3 million and will be paid for using a combination of Federal Surface Transportation Program grant funds – $3.48 million through the Puget Sound Regional Council and a local matching of $1.82 million from the B&O Tax Fund, Water Fund and Drainage Fund. The Water Fund and the Drainage Fund will be used to reimburse the cost of utility replacements.

The offer to award the 76th Avenue South – North segment to CI Infrastructure, LLC in the amount of $4,165,504.10 has been unanimously approved by the Kent City Council.

With no executive session, Kent City Council adjourned.

The recorded show is available on Kent TV21, and

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