Kent transport

Kent County Transport Study cites need to preserve industrial sites with rail access

The Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization has approved the final document of the Rail Corridor Industrial Land Use Study.

The study highlights the need to keep properties with potential for rail access available for industrial development.

Linda Parkowski, Executive Director of the Kent Economic Partnership and Choose Central Delaware, said, “The rail study will raise awareness of the importance of land preservation and zoning along the rail corridor in Kent County for appropriate uses. There are a limited amount of rails in central Delaware and this study underscores the need to put them to good use for future generations.

The draft report can be read here on the Dover Kent MPO website. Any questions or concerns regarding this study can be directed to James Galvin, Senior Planner at [email protected]

The Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization is a federally mandated not-for-profit organization that works with local, state and federal governments as well as local transport organizations to ensure that planning and transportation projects are carried out in accordance with federal law to include the Clean Air Act and the fixing United States Surface Transportation Act (FAST).

Interest in rail transport increased, particularly after Carload Express and its subsidiary Delmarva Central Railroad took over operations along the Delmarva Norfolk Southern line.

Delmarva Central has been active in marketing its services and has its headquarters in the railway and State Fair town of Harrington, Kent.

The line provides grain for the poultry industry as well as propane and building materials.

Rail service should be boosted by the move towards an economy that is less dependent on fossil fuels. Trains are more fuel efficient than trucks