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Kent State unveils athletics strategic plan

KENT, OHIO- Kent State Athletics is thrilled to unveil a new strategic plan that positions the department to have a meaningful impact on student-athletes, campus, and the community.

In keeping with Kent State University’s mission and goals, the “Play as One – #Flashes Forever” initiative was a team effort. The strategic planning process was chaired by the faculty of athletics representative, Dr. Kathy Wilson in partnership with Director of Athletics, Randale Richmond and Senior Assistant Director of Athletics, Greg Glaus.

In a collaborative effort, 13 departments helped develop the plan. “All parts of campus had a say in its creation,” Richmond said.

Every detail supports the department’s mission: “GRADUATING STUDENT-ATHLETES, BOLDLY prepared for life after sport and WINNING championships.” The plan also aligns with the department’s vision to be “A nationally recognized, comprehensive athletics program that INSPIRES communities and TRANSFORMS lives.”

The strategic planning process reinforces the department’s guiding principle as “student-athlete centered, coach-led, and administrator-supported”. After detailed research over the past few months, eight priority areas were created to outline the plan. These priority areas led to the creation of 20 goals, 45 strategies and 100 actions. Every goal, strategy and action item ensures that all decisions will support the mission, vision and guiding principle of Kent State Athletics.

This effort demonstrates the need for the university to continue to transform and reimagine the role athletics plays at Kent State University. The integration of the athletics department within the university is evidenced by the fact that more than half of the actions of the strategic plan will be carried out in collaboration with other divisions of the university.

“We are very pleased with the foundation we have built and look forward to its implementation,” said Richmond. “This strategic plan could not have been achieved without the efforts, help and support of our leadership team and our priority area task forces. The Kent State Athletic Department and the Kent State University would like to thank each of the members who contributed to the development of this plan.”

“I would like to especially thank Dr. Kathy Wilson, our athletics faculty representative,” Richmond said. “His consistent leadership throughout the strategic planning process was imperative to the successful development of this plan. We are incredibly fortunate to have an advocate like Kathy supporting our athletic staff, our student-athletes and the department as a whole.”

Management team

Amy Densevich – Associate Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Academic Services

Greg Glaus – Senior Assistant Sports Director

Pamela Grimm – Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship – Chair of the Faculty Senate

Jeff Hathaway – Managing Partner at CarrSports Consulting

Peter Holloway – Board of Trustees

Lamar Hylton – Vice President of Student Affairs

Karen Keenan – Associate Chief of Staff – Office of the President

Nasha Manitkul-Davis – Student-athlete; Chair of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Tiffany Murray – Director, Gender Equity and Title IX Coordinator

Gerald O’Dell – Vice President of Management Consulting at CarrSports Consulting

Mary Parker – Vice President for Enrollment Management

Mark Polatajko – Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

John Rathje – Information Technology and CIO

Charlene Reed – Vice President and University Secretary

Randale Richmond – Kent State Director of Athletics

Trent Stratton – Kent State Senior Assistant Athletic Director

Melody Tankersley – Senior Vice President and Vice President

Isaac Vance – Kent State football student-athlete and chair of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Valoree Vargo – Acting Vice President for Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement

Connor Whelan – Assistant Director of Athletics Sales and Fan Experience at

Wake Forest University

Kathryn Wilson – Faculty Sports Representative

Priority Areas Working Group Members

Academics and Career Development

Angie Hull (Co-Chair) – Associate Director of Athletics for Academic Services

Katie Schilling (Co-Chair) – Associate Director for Student-Athlete Development

Quintin Cooks – Kent State Athletics student-athlete

John Jewell – Assistant Dean, University Student Support Services

Rob Marinaro– Head coach of women’s soccer

Bridget Opgenorth – Specialist in learning athletics

-Jessica Roshak – Associate Director, Student Leadership Development

-Anthony Vander-Horst – Associate Professor of Sociology/Intercollegiate Athletics Committee Member


-Randale Richmond (Chair) – Kent State Director of Athletics

-Madyson Cole – Softball Student-Athlete, Vice-Chair of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Bill Lawson – Head Coach – Kent State Track and Field

Bob Lemieux – Head Coach-Kent State Strength and Conditioning

Sean Lewis – Head Coach – Kent State Football

-Lisa Strom – Head Coach – Kent State Women’s Golf

-Rebecca Murphy – Acting Vice President – Academic Communications and Marketing

Brianne Tierney – Head Coach – Kent State Women’s Lacrosse

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Kerrie James Hunter (Co-Chair) – Assistant Director of Athletics for Academic Services

Stephanie Rosinski (Co-Chair) – Associate Athletic Director for Compliance

-Marquis Davis – Project Coordinator – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

-Tiffany Murray – Director, Gender Equity and Title IX Coordinator

Donovan Robertson – Director of Advancement Operations

Todd Starkey – Head Coach – Kent State Women’s Basketball

-Danie Tyson – Kent State volleyball student-athlete

-Theresa Walton-Fisette – Professor, Sport Administration

-Yvonna Washington-Greer – Assistant Vice President for Equity, Identity and Success

– Jameka Wilson – Director, Kent State One Stop

Mobilization and collaboration

-TJ Christie (Co-Chair) – Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Revenue Generation

-Matt Papatheodorou (Co-Chair) – Director, Athletics Marketing and Communications Strategy

Sean Broghammer – Vice President for Enrollment Management

Jeff Duncan – Head Coach – Kent State Baseball

-Meghan Factor-Page – Associate Director, Student Leadership Development Programs

-Garret Ferrara – Kent City Council / Kent State Elder

-Dana Lawless -Andric – Associate Vice President for Academic Outreach and Engagement

-Mark Lyberger-Associate Professor for Sports Administration

-Michael Papania – Project Manager – Campus IT

Tom Sitko – General Manager – Learfield/Kent State Alum and former student-athlete


David Rush (Chair) – Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Operations

Kyle DeSandes-Moyer – Head Coach – Kent State Field Hockey

-Jay Frye – Director of Service Management – Campus IT

-Jay Graham – Acting Executive Director and Academic Architect

-Tianna Harris – Kent State Women’s Soccer Student-Athlete for Kent State

Eric Oakley – Head Coach – Kent State Softball

-Doug Pearson – Associate Vice President, University Facilities Planning and Operations

Rob Senderoff – Head Coach – Kent State Men’s Basketball

-Nicholas Starvaggi – Associate Director, Donor Agreements and Stewardship

Financial viability/income generation/fundraising

Maggie McKendry (Co-Chair) – Assistant Athletic Director for Advancement

Jon Wilson (Co-Chair) – Sports Financial Manager

Jim Andrassy – Head Coach – Kent State Wrestling

-Brenda Burke – Associate Vice President, Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

-Casey Cegles – Assistant Athletic Director

-Jen Kulics – Executive Director, Philanthropy

-Jeannie Reifsnyder – Associate Senior Vice President Finance and Administration

-Isaac Vance – Kent State Football Student-Athlete and Chair of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Organizational Excellence and Culture

Amy Densevich (Chair) – Assistant Director of Athletics for Academic Services

Brice Biggin– Head Coach – Kent State Gymnastics

Nathan Fanger – Associate Head Coach – Kent State Track and Field

Dan Griffon – Director of Athletics Communication

Jon Mills – Head Coach – Kent State Men’s Golf

-Rachel Rundo – Recruitment and Employment Coordinator

Michelle Rura – Deputy Director of Sports for Sports Medicine

Phil Tizio – Associate Director of NCAA Compliance

Student-athlete health, safety and well-being

Trent Stratton (Chairman) – Kent State Senior Assistant Athletic Director

-Lisa Dannemiller – Chief Medical Officer of the University

-Talea Drummer-Ferrell – Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

-Don Gromala – Head Coach – Kent State Volleyball

-Dr. John Gunstad – Professor and Associate Director of the Brain Health Research Institute

-Chris Jenkins – Deputy Director of Public Safety and Captain – Kent State Police

-Eva Nikolai – Kent State Women’s Lacrosse Student-Athlete

-Cliff Ragin – Equipment Manager