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Medved: ‘Washington GOP is in trouble’ after Kent primary victory

While Joe Kent’s major victory in Washington’s Third District over six-term incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler was celebrated by many conservatives, Michael Medved, New York Times bestselling author and current host of The Michael Medved Show on KTTH believes this only puts the Republican party at risk across the state.

“I think most people of conscience will not be able to support Joe Kent, whether or not he is the Republican nominee. And this is the fundamental point. These are primaries we are talking about. The reason Jaime Beutler lost isn’t because she doesn’t have majority support in her district. It’s because Republicans were divided here,” Medved said on the Gee and Ursula Show. “The Democrats were united, there was only one Democratic candidate, who I believe should be considered the frontrunner right now in this district.”

Kent, a Trump-backed candidate, has previously said that “establishment” Republicans are waging a “smear campaign” against him. More than $1 million has been donated by top GOP leaders to blitz the airwaves with attack ads and fill mailboxes with propaganda, according to Kent.

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“I find it extremely disturbing and very depressing that one of our two main parties is more like a personality cult where basically everything is measured and everything is measured by your loyalty to one man,” Medved said. .

Kent was also one of the biggest supporters of Trump’s claims that the 2020 election contained massive voter fraud that led to President Biden’s victory.

“He said the majority of Americans question the election results. Biden won the election. He won the popular vote by 7 million,” Medved said. “It’s the biggest margin. Trump lost the popular vote in 2016. He lost the popular vote in 2020, and the idea that the majority of Americans question the election, there’s no poll, there’s no data. There is no indication that this is true.

Medved was also disappointed with Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney’s primary election results, as he had previously praised her work during the US House Select Committee hearings into the January 6, 2021 US Capitol attack. Cheney said lost earlier this week to Trump-endorsed political newcomer, attorney Harriet Hageman, who more than doubled Cheney’s votes.

“What’s fascinating about this is that she actually has a more conservative record on a range of issues than Harriet Hageman, who beat her, which cuts to the chase. When people like President Trump, it’s not because he’s conservative, it’s because he’s Trump,” Michael Medved told The Gee and Ursula Show.

Complicating Trump’s influence over the party is the outstanding question of his possible federal indictment: The former president had to face the FBI as they raided his Florida home, Mar-a -Lago, to recover classified documents that he kept after the end of his mandate.

Medved said he believed, more likely than not, that Trump would be indicted.

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“He very clearly broke the law. The Presidential Archives Act is no joke. It is a national security law. Republicans weren’t just pro cops, some Republicans like me still are, the party was also pro-national security. He is accused of violating the Espionage Act. And they just sent people to jail for 15 years who gave secrets to Brazil,” Medved said. “If Donald Trump is making secrets available to the world, or just keeping them because he wants to sell them later as souvenirs or something, he has a lot of explaining to do.”

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