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New ‘affordable’ electric vehicle costs just £20 a month

A revolutionary electric car promises to put people on the road for just £20 a month. The Citroën Ami is a zero-emission quadricycle – a four-wheeled “microcar” – with a top speed of just 27.9 mph.

It’s built for the daily commute around town and has a 6kW electric motor and 5.5kWh battery for a range of 46 miles. The vehicle is only 2.4 meters long and 1.4 meters wide, without trunk or hood. However, it offers enough space in front of the passenger seat for airline hand luggage.

Th Ami costs £19.99 per month in personal contract purchase (PCP), over 24 months, with a customer deposit of £2,369. When buying the quadricycle outright, the price rises to £7,695, making it one of the cheapest electric vehicles on the market, reports the Express.

The Ami is described as a zero-emission solution that “stands out in the urban landscape” and has already won over tens of thousands of customers in Europe. A charging cable is integrated into the frame of the passenger door, which attaches – using a nadapter – to a type 2 connector. This allows a full charge to be made in three hours from a home EV charger or public charging point.

Citroën UK Managing Director Eurig Druce said: “Having Ami in the UK is crucial, bringing our ‘Power to the People’ brand positioning to life – emphasizing that Citroën offers all types of electrics for all types of people. To be able to offer a fun and fabulous all-electric urban transport solution like Ami for just £19.99 a month is something we’re really proud of – it’s another example of Citroën at its best, delivering affordable electric mobility for all .

Th Ami costs £19.99 per month in Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Customers will be able to configure their Ami from one of the four available versions – ‘Ami’, ‘Ami Pop’, ‘Ami Vibe’ and ‘My Ami Cargo’, and add a splash of color to the original style of the Ami electric, customers can enhance their Ami by adding one of three color packs: Orange, Blue or Grey. The offer, which is part of Citroën’s “Fair pricing” policy, runs until the end of July.

Edmund King, the AA’s president, said it was a good solution for around-town driving for those who didn’t fancy braving the elements on a bicycle or electric scooter. He said: “For purely urban driving it’s a good fit because it’s small, nimble, can be driven by younger drivers and it’s more affordable.”

Those who have already booked an all-electric Ami with a refundable booking fee of £250 will be able to convert their bookings into firm customer orders. A limited number of customers will be contacted per day – in date order – to ensure that appropriate “Friend Expert” support is available, if needed. UK deliveries of the Citroën Ami will begin later this summer.