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PARTA launches ‘Polly the Trolley’ bus in Kent

The Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority plans to have three trolleybuses in service this year, with four more to come in 2023-2024.

KENT, Ohio – A new mode of transportation with a classic twist is up and running in Portage County.

In Kent on Friday, the Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority (PARTA) held a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring “Polly the Trolley”, the first of a new series of trolleybuses.

“We’re really excited to bring trolleys to Portage County,” said PAATR General Manager Claudia Amrhein. “We expect the carts to attract new passengers and improve the transit experience for those who regularly use our service.”

PARTA indicates that initially the trolleybuses will operate on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 4.30 p.m. Passengers can park in the Kent Central Gateway car park and use the trolley to access restaurants, breweries and other local entertainment destinations to park. may be limited.

See a map and timetable for the Polly the Trolley Downtowner route below:

Each car parked on the bridge will be entitled to a free day pass to ride in the cart. Additional single and day passes can be purchased in the Transit Center lobby. Single passes are $1 and a day pass can be purchased for $2.

In a throwback to an earlier era, PARTA says its new buses exude nostalgic charm with everything from authentic carriage bells to real wood paneled walls and ceilings. Yet the buses are also air-conditioned and powered by low-emission compressed natural gas (CNG).

PennsylvaniaATR plans to put three trolleybuses into service this year and expects to take delivery of four more trolleybuses in 2023-24.