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Reader’s View: Let’s Listen to Kent Worley – Duluth News Tribune

The article “Covering I-35 in Duluth?” (News Tribune, May 7) shows an at-grade walkway as the “redesigned Interstate 35 corridor through downtown Duluth,” but the image misses an important detail: the perpetual traffic jam.

The artist’s conception shows a total of eight cars facing the intersection. Where are the trucks? Motorhomes and vans carrying boats on a summer weekend? Duluthians who use I-35 to get quickly from one end of our elongated city to the other? Rather than “promoting a more livable, equitable and sustainable city”, an at-grade promenade would be a nightmare for traffic and a deadly hazard for pedestrians.

Fortunately, the article presents an alternative from landscape architect Kent Worley, a proven source of wisdom: a tunnel for traffic and a park for people. Thirty years after the construction of Kent’s earlier vision, the Rose Garden, Leif Erikson Park and Gichi-ode’ Akiing continue to provide an attractive connection between the city and Lake Superior for visitors and residents. Let’s listen to it again.

Robert Knighton


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