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Savings adopted for bus service supported by Kent County Council

David Brazier, Cabinet Member of Kent County Council for Highways and Transportsaid: “As a council, we are seeing a dramatic increase in the need for services in all areas of authority and an increase in the cost of operating them.

“We need to ensure that we can produce a balanced budget and prioritize the services we are obliged by law to provide to the people of Kent.

“That is why we have decided to make the proposed savings to our supported bus budget, with the exception of the Kent Karrier which serves some of the most vulnerable passengers.

“While Central Government has tentatively allocated £35.1 million to KCC for our bus service improvement plan, the Department for Transport (DfT) has made it clear that this money cannot be used to support existing services.

“We know people value local buses and will be concerned about this decision, so going forward KCC will use this DfT funding to improve bus services for Kent residents that meet the needs of individual communities.”


Notes to editors:

  • This statement follows a discussion at KCC’s Environment and Transport Cabinet Committee on 6e July 2022. Documents can be viewed at this link: