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Wisconsin Labor District Council: Announcing Kent Miller as President/Business Manager

DeForest, WI – The Wisconsin Labourers’ District Council today announced the appointment of Kent Miller as President/Commercial Director. Mr. Miller was selected by the Wisconsin Labourers’ District Council Board of Directors to complete the term of current President/Business Director John Schmitt, who will retire on August 31, 2022.

Kent Miller is a third generation member of the Workers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA). In 2003, Mr. Miller began his career in landscaping and in 2004 he became a topman and pipelayer for RG Huston Company Inc. Mr. Miller then held a position with Speedway Sand and Gravel in 2008 where he worked in the field for an additional position. four years. “I really enjoyed the challenges presented by each different project and how we built and improved sewer and water infrastructure in southern Wisconsin,” said Kent Miller.

In 2012, Mr. Miller left his job in the field to become a marketing representative for the LIUNA Great Lakes region. In this role, Mr. Miller traveled to southern Wisconsin to promote the union building business model to non-union contractors and the benefits of being a union worker to non-union workers. Mr. Miller was then hired as Assistant Business Manager for the Wisconsin Labourers’ District Council in 2015, and in 2018 became LIUNA’s international representative overseeing compliance with all national Wisconsin labor agreements, including the national distribution, the national pipeline agreement. , and the National Maintenance Agreement.

“I am deeply touched and honored that my brothers and sisters have chosen me to lead our great union,” said Kent Miller. “I would also like to thank my predecessor, John Schmitt, for the trust and confidence you place in me. I look forward to building on the foundation you have established to grow our union by advocating for some of the best wages and benefits in the industry.

“Our union will always seek to organize emerging markets that need the strong workforce that our members can provide, and that will require our organization to redouble its efforts in organizing programs, workforce development work, training and preparation for learning.”

Mr. Miller is originally from Madison, Wis., and will continue to work at the Wisconsin Labourers’ District Council office in DeForest. A photo of Mr. Miller can be found here.

The Wisconsin Labor District Council is an affiliate of five local labor unions, representing nearly 9,000 construction tradespeople throughout Wisconsin. Laborers are the most diverse occupation in the construction industry serving employers in transportation infrastructure, construction, sewer and water, utility distribution, demolition, asbestos abatement and related sectors .