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World’s Finest’s Twist Is Superman and Rebirth’s Jon Kent

The latest issue of the Superman and Batman series, The best in the world, tackles the origins of Superman with a multiversal touch. With his newest character, Boy Thunder, the story introduced a new, but short-lived sidekick from Superman’s past. However, his origins don’t just mirror those of Man of Steel, thanks to DC Rebirth Superman and Jonathan Kent’s forgotten origins.

David Sikela was transported from his Earth to DC Universe Earth in Batman/Superman: the best in the world #7 (by Mark Waid, Dan Mora, Tamra Bonvillain and Steve Wands). Although he is from an alternate version of Gotham City, his parents creating an interdimensional vessel to transport him safely is clearly a tribute to Superman’s origins. And, just like Superman, David also lost his world.

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This twist has been done before – by Superman himself. Prior to DC Rebirth, DC reintroduced the Post-Crisis version of Superman, who by then had been replaced by his younger counterpart New 52. This was done in the event series Convergence, which saw several universes fight for their survival. Most of them were wiped out or sent back to their places, where they would soon be wiped out anyway by an impending crisis. Some characters escaped though, like Parallax Green Lantern, Flash, and Supergirl from Crisis on Infinite Earths. And, joining them were Superman and Lois from the pre-Crisis reality, along with their new son – Jonathan Kent.

Most fans forget that Jon Kent – the current Superman and star of one of DC’s best-selling comics – was born during the events of Convergence. His birth was overseen by Flashpoint Batman. This made him the last son of post-Crisis reality, which had been wiped out by Flashpoint. Having fled to the DC Universe’s then-present Earth, Jon Kent’s origins mimicked those of his father. He has made this new Earth his own, while being the child of an Earth he has never known. The biggest difference was that he had his parents with him all the time.

Essentially, David’s origin is the same as Jon Kent’s. He even shares the same fate, soon becoming Superman’s sidekick and seemingly adopted as his son in this issue. Really, David is less a retread of the original Superman origin than he is a retread of the Rebirth Superman and Jon origin. Even so, there’s still room for his story thanks to DC’s ever-evolving continuity.

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It wasn’t long before Jon Kent’s origins as the last son of a dying Earth were quashed, along with the idea that Rebirth Superman was a multiversal traveler. The “Superman Reborn” story saw the Convergence’s origin pieced together somewhat, it revealed that Post-Crisis and New 52 Superman were the blue and red energy versions of the character, separated, apparently, by Dr Manhattan. When they reformed into one person, the story changed and Jon was still a part of this Earth. His new origin was even told in the first issue of Superman: Son of Kal-Elcementing it in place as the backstory of the new Superman.

With that origin essentially non-existent now, it leaves the door open for another character. Enter David Sikela – Boy Thunder. He can’t exactly be compared to Jon since Jon now has a whole new origin. There’s also no chance of his origins being retconned like Rebirth’s origin was. Especially considering the character is set to be just a short-lived addition to the Superman family.

With the way things have turned out for Jon Kent, there’s really nothing to copy for this new character. After all, that never happened in this version of reality. Jon doesn’t even remember it himself. Neither did his father. With that out of the way, Boy Thunder is free to shape that origin into whatever he wants. Even though he and Jon hail from Dead Lands in since-defunct universes, they no longer have that connection, meaning David won’t exist in Jonathan Kent’s shadow.